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Stories About Family

Great-Grandpa Sam

I know of three possible reasons why my great grandfather left what was the the Poland/Austria-Hungarian town of Dynów. Knowing him and my family background, none or all three might be true. I was told that being a socialist in Tsarist Russia was dangerous, so he left the motherland at aged 19 around 1910. I was also told that he worked as a piano teacher and got a student pregnant. In reading his memoirs who mentions something about education and opportunity, but also mentions his membership in the socialist party (where he first broke Kosher) and where he loved to describe the attractive women around him.

Grandpa Maurice

Grandpa helped start up the family company, and fought to keep it in the right hands through thick and thin. Supposedly he started it up with his father and two brothers, but I never knew anything about any family of his until I saw a picture of him with them as a child. Anyway, he always had a policy of hiring regardless of race or creed, and marched in civil rights marches way back before they gained notoriety. In the 1970s, when the recession hit hard, he was refused a small business loan by the SBA, because they had pictures marching with the 'wrong people'.

Grandma Vivian

The eldest of three daughters, she went at aged nine with her younger sisters with her mother to California so great-grandma coul get treated at a Tuberculosis spa. Great-grandma died a coupe weeks later, was buried, and the girls were put on a train. Great-Grandpa Sam didn't find out until a month later, when the three girls showed up home. None of the girls ever told about their experiences, and apparently my Grandma's tomboyish nature was destroyed for life by what we assume was a very harrowing experience.

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