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TurboGears merges with Pylons

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I'm not an expert on either. In 2006 I spent about 4 or 5 weeks working with Pylons. A couple months later, I spent a couple weeks playing with TurboGears. Both were very interesting. I really tried to like Pylons but hated the Myghty which was what you had to play with via views. TurboGears back end wasn't as much fun as Pylons, but the front end used Kid as the template language for views.

That said, both frameworks really embodied things I like. They employed NIH and DRY all over the place with a vengeance. Sure, Django is a bit 'hip', but nix the scaffolding and all you have is Yet-Another-*SP-Template-Language combined with non-Pythonisms in a not-quite-RoR framework.

Well, once the Pylons and TurboGears marriage happens, Python's choice of quality frameworks will be down by one, but in a good way. Pylons will do the backend and you can load in TurboGears to be the front end. And with use of Genshi as the template attribute language. Yeah, Genshi isn't TAL, but it isn't that far off.

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