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Sunday Funday

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Another lovely day in Italia! Well, it would have been lovely but the temperature was rather low. Foolishly I just work a t-shirt and short pants to the City of Science. Which meant I was freezing all day. Oh well...

Bouno Vista!

The night before Florian Freisdorf got a hotel room in Albergo del Golfo. Reed slept in a little bit so Florian rode in the taxi with me to City of Science. On the way there I asked for the scenic coastal route. The Taxi stopped at a photo spot and I got some nice pictures of Isola di Nisida which is about a mile from the City of Science. I also got some pictures of the industry around where we’ve camped out for the geek side of our stay. The picture in this post is one of me and my friend Florian.

Plone Stuff

Me and Carsten finished up the demo product and tutorial for KSS. My understanding of KSS is very strong now, and I’ll be able to KSS any Plone 3.x application from now on. Plone 2.5.x applications like MSRD can be done, but that will be a rather large challenge. We’ll see!

Then I joined the Plone For Artists (p4a) group to work on Calendaring. I wanted to do that because the Web Workshop needs improved calendar functions and the p4a group is on the cutting edge of Plone calendaring tools. The calendaring subgroup eagerly welcomed me and I started working on a couple bugs. On Monday (tomorrow) I’ll be trying to fix the css involved in the weekly view. Bill Keeter, I might be sending you some IMs!

Lunch Blues

So for my mid day meal I walked over to my favorite food place near City of Science. Unfortunately they were closed today! Ack! I went to their neighbor, a similar shop. They simply were not as good. There was no charm and the meat pastry I got was mediocre. Oh well, I think they are open tomorrow…

Also, a huge number of Plonistas ordered out for pizzas. I have a photo of one of the stacks of pizza boxes. Remember, a pizza box is a meal for one person, so what you see in that picture is just one of several stacks. Yes, that many people joined the order. So I had to sit through the smell of tomato and basil after eating something that might have been a day old. Sigh.


I can’t remember the name of this stuff. At the end of the day the French plonistas brought out some sort of gold colored liquor. You poured a dollop into a cup and then watered it. The water turned it cloudy. It was tasty but very strong, being 49% alcohol. With my weak tolerance the little I drank meant I was very… um… energized.

Closing hours

Reed, Chris, and Florian went with me to a local pizzaria. I got the lasagna pizza. Ricotta and mozzarella cheese plus proiscetto and salami. It was not as good as Sorbilla or Port’alba Pizza but it was still better than anything else I’ve had in my life. Well, about as good as Chris Shenton’s grilled pizza. Which is good indeed.

Then I found myself tired and just not feeling well. I went back to my room, read for a while and then went to sleep.

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