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  • The kid wants to start up sword class again since a group of his friends are joining. But he is apprehensive since its been a while and he is afraid of not looking good in front of his friends. Also, our school is hard, and since his fitness level is not good right now I know that makes this a bit more daunting. Of course, on newbies and returning students we are a bit more gentle, but still...
  • One of the senior Hapkido guys, a fully ranked master, turns out has a similiar background to me in kali, eskrima, and arnis. In fact, he trained in Maphilindo Kali just like me! So that means we'll be meeting this saturday to do some stick and knife work.
  • Now that my back is recovering and I'm able to build my speed back up again, I've been asked to spar again by several people. Much as I want to do this at full effort again, I'm apprehensive about jumping in. My back is still achey at times and I want a full recovery before I risk anything. I've found that the back issue is worse than a broken bone or sprain since it impairs my mobility, flexibility, and sucks the energy out of me.

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