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The hard truth about Python

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Python is easy to pick up. Very powerful. Fast. Fun. And attracts super smart people.

And therein lies the problem. You see, when I did Foxpro and ColdFusion I got lots of kudos for knowing everything and kicking butt. Heck, in Java I ran into that sometimes too, especially when I showed people just how well I grokked OO design. Its fun being a big snake in a pond no matter how big that pond might be. Granted in Java I ran into people who were awesome, but so many of them were not.

But Python is sneaky like a snake. Just when you think you kick ass, you read the incredible work being done by some guy who works for Google, or Zope Corporation, or the OLPC. And you realize you are just one person in an ocean of smart people.

On the plus side, doing Python with all these smart people makes me smarter too.


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