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The kid has decided not to return to sword class. He and his mom told me 'he felt pressured'. The wife should not have intervened. She has for about 4 years vigorously defended his right to eat badly and not exercise. Its been a hard and nearly impossible battle to get him to do anything physical. I admit when we were biking this summer it was awesome, but that when he wanted to go I was already beat from doing my commute.

Anyway, he hasn't been pressured. I've got his friends in school talking about it and every time I leave to go workout I politely ask him if he wants to go.

Why do I do this?

The kid is 16. He is maybe an inch taller than me. And he outweighs me by 40 pounds and his BMI is probably around 30. That puts him at the edge of obese.

At age 16.

I worry about the long term implications of total lack of excercise combined with obesity. I want him to lose both weight and exercise, but would be delight with just one.

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