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Me being snarky

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I got this in my email bin today:

My name is xyz xyz and I'm with xyz, a National IT consulting firm. At some point you submitted your resume to xyz or I ran across your information on a job board and I was wondering if you could help me out. I am working very hard at finding a Windows System support positions in Newington VA. I see that you did or do have this experience within one of the organizations you've worked for. It seems most professionals usually are working and not reading the job boards for new positions so the only way possible I'll be able to find someone is through good old fashioned networking (well maybe the internet isn't old fashioned but you know what I mean). Could you possibly point me in the right direction by giving me a name of someone who might do this within your organization or someone who is outside of your organization? If you prefer I will keep your referral completely confidential. It would just greatly help me out if I could start talking to some people within the Windows Support Community and see who knows who. If you are currently available and interested, please update the following information for me and let me know the soonest we can talk. If you are not available or interested, let me know and I will update your records in our database - thanks!

My response:

I do python programming on Mac OS X and Linux. I know less about Window now than my 70 year old father. Also, I no longer know anyone who does Windows support. We've all moved over to the *nix world.

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