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Plone 3 fun

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Since October I've barely touched Plone 3. All my work has been in Plone 2.5.x. Well, yesterday I got to play in the arena of Plone 3 again on a side project provided by an associate. And here are some thoughts:

  • The new portlet system is really nice. Even just using it with classic portlets its easier and cleaner. On the other hand, I don't really grok portlet inheritance yet but I suppose I could have spent more than 20 seconds reading documentation. ;)

  • I appreciate how package architecture works. While I wish you didn't have to dive so far deep into directories to get to stuff, thats a pretty small quibble.

  • The AJAX is nice. Speeds up content editing quite a bit and otherwise keeps out of the @#$%ing way. So nice to have good AJAX!

  • While I had my own issues with modifying the Generic Setup, the profiles/default let me figure out how things were working quickly and with absolute accuracy. There was no 'magic', I just knew how things worked.

In the end, it made me want to leave the world of Plone 2.5.x and join the world of Plone 3 again.

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