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The weekend

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  • Got into some bitter fights over the weekend with the wife and son. I made it clear after his last report card that he had to bring positive evidence from all his classes or each weekend he would be grounded. Also, he needed his chores done. Finally, she needs to stop buying him stuff when they go out, since his report card doesn't deserve it and he's old enough to get/keep a job. I didn't handle things well but we do need to have a solid front, and his grades, while not failing, can certainly improve.

  • Our water heater didn't seem to be working well this morning. I checked with the kid about the shower he took last night and he said, "Yeah, it wasn't working so I didn't take one." Sigh. He ought to have told me. Then I could have checked to see if it was a fuse or something easy. Alas, I doubt that is the case, and I bet this will be yet another expense.

  • It was a three day weekend so I worked my consulting gig all day on sunday. Then monday I worked some on that, some on the normal job, and did some cycling. It got rainy so I headed home.

  • Watched Flags of our Fathers last night. A really awesome film about what war does to people and why symbols are so important. There are some horrifying bits during the war scenes on Iwo Jima. This one goes beyond political preferences, so every voting adult is safe to watch this film.

  • Worked with the kid on learning Python, specifically using pygame. The book on it is really good, and he likes it a heck of a lot more than the Visual Basic and MoldFusion he's been exposed to before. Who can blame him?

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