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10th Wedding Anniversary

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I got back late on Wednesday, real late. Work on Thursday was mostly meetings. Then I found myself in the gym being really tired and out of shape. Fortunately, for me being out of shape is only being able to go for 3 hours instead of the normal 5.

So Friday was our wedding anniversary. We are saving up for a nice vacation so didn't do anything too fancy. Bikes got fixed, and some time was spent cycling. The evening was a steak dinner that was really nice.

Saturday was sleeping in and doing family stuff at home. The evening was a celebration of sorts with friends that went really well.

Sunday we went to Frederick, Maryland. We means myself, Jen, and the kid. Plus one of my martial arts students who is as old as the kid (both 16). What we did was visit my best friend who now teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu. We did that for hours and it was a nice switch. Back in the day we did some ground fighting but not as focused as this. I'm happy to say that I didn't find it that tiring, although I had to stop because my knees are pretty torn up from the mat. Next time I'll wear gi pants. The important thing is that my son loved doing this, and wants to go again and again. Since its been so hard to get him to do anything beyond play video games, this is an awesome development.

Evening was more family time.

Yeah, it was pretty sedate. Working on cooking up something that is a bit more fun.

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