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Django at Pycon

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Pycon 2008 was notable not just because it was my first Pycon, but because the scope of the Django presence. It was huge. There is some talk of a spin-off convention for the Django folks. Wow.

Django is good stuff. Regardless of what naysayers say, they've been moving towards a more Pythonic and WSGI compliant way of doing things. Sure, it calls things in the MVC stack by funny names, but who really cares? At first I was apprehensive about Django templates, but while its very rich in what you can do with filters, you are really blocked from doing logic in views. I like the ongoing SQLAlchemy integration and the hesitancy to lock the core framework into a particular JavaScript library.

More important is that the leadership seems on the ball. Sure, they invented a bunch of their stuff again, but thats the way things used to be. And they've been becoming more compliant ever since.

I'm looking to doing some Django work. And I'm looking for how it will fit into the various other WSGI compliant frameworks in the days/months/years to come.

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