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On my way to Chicago and Pycon 2008!

This was originally posted on blogger here.

After getting through a ditzy United Airlines counter attendant, then literally racing through security, I'm next to Gate 31, my journey to Pycon 2008. I got here about 100 minutes early, which was good because we had a minor work emergency. After struggling with T-Mobile to connect to the Internet, I got on and addressed the issue.

I'll be posting here for the duration, and also on my technical blog. I'll be taking photos, but being stuck next to Chicago O'Hare airport in a Hotel Park, I'm not sure how many will be worth looking at.

I do plan to sample Chicago Pizza and also visit a few museums. The Museum of Science and Industry looks fascinating, and there are a few art things I want to try out as well. The Museum of Natural History has the best T-Rex around so I plan to stop by there as well.

I would like to thank Sharron Sample, who made this all possible. She had the vision to try new things and reach high in the quest to make the NASA presence in the world just that much better. She is trusting myself and the others of my team to deliver the goods, and carry her good name forward.

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