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Ramping up the excercise

This was originally posted on blogger here.

The goal is to get my pants to fit better. Ha ha.

Its funny, I've heard how tiring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is, but I found the workout not that hard. And thats after two weeks of not working out and eating too much! My teacher, an old friend, agreed to ramp up the workout. On the other hand, working out in my gym has been really hard since I got back from Chicago.

With that in mind I ramped up my workout and cut back dramatically on my food intake. That means cycling at least 10 miles a day (soon that goes to 20 miles) and an increased weight-lifting regimen. Plus lots more core work. And coaching my son on exercise and doing it all with him.

I've got a leg injury that is hampering me on a lot of things. A lot of basic kicks on that leg hurt to do. Things like front and round kicks are a pain not just to do, but to also hit people/pads with. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that spin kicks don't hurt. How silly is that?

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