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Pesach and tradition

This was originally posted on blogger here.

My family calls it Passover, which is odd for us Jews. But as my Uncle Jeff put it so well, 'Our family tradition is a tradition of breaking traditions.' This certainly sums up things about my family when it comes to certain traditional things.

On the other side of things, my family, when it comes to politics and culture, is very traditional when it comes to being involved in the fundamentals of enlightened society. We have a 60+ year tradition of being involved in civil rights, advocating for peace, and trying to be the nice guy. Nice tradition, eh?

On the other hand, being a Libertarian one thing that grates on me when it comes to the socially progressive is how traditionally patronistic they can be to race X or culture Y or religion Z. For example, recently I was annoyed when someone I know advocated for protesting against over consumption of gasoline, except for Hispanic people. His excuse was that to them overly large vehicles were a sign of 'making it'. To me, this is bigotry, albeit not motivated by malice but rather subtle contempt. Hispanic people are more than able to educate themselves, work great jobs, and have the same successes and failures as the rest of us.

Fortunately, I can't imagine my family getting involved in this sort of crap. They offer equal opportunity to everyone regardless of race, religion, creed, or sexual preference. As far as I understand it, a helping hand is given during youth or in emergencies but then people need to stand on their own.

So Pesach was a blast. I met my cousin's little boy (18 months), reconnected with family, ate great food, enjoyed a beautiful day, and felt thanks for another year of being a Jew in a relatively free country.

Jave, may you rest in peace. We miss you little guy.

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