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Condolences to the Hammers

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Over a year ago I started to teach a little boy. He was enthusiastic and his parents were good people. Their kids had discipline, and yet got to be goofy enough that they were well-adjusted. The family just adores Star Wars. Eventually the little boy's sister joined and the fun continued. On the mat they are always smiling, even when I am pushing them or yelling at them.

The kids are great to have in class. The little boy is inventive and energetic. He adds flourishes whenever he can figure out how. I take the little girl and at the age of 4.5 years I have her demonstrate techniques to older kids. She might goof off sometimes but even then she is listening. I've seen the kids overcome fears, meet challenges, get stronger, faster, and learn stuff off and on the mat. They are part of what keeps me coming back to the gym to teach, because it certainly isn't the money. Its the people, and the thought that maybe in some small way my efforts will make a difference in their life.

The parents are not just nice people, but intelligent to boot. They are the sort of people who I wish were around when my son was age six or so. They are the sort of people who are witty but not sarcastic, cheerful but not dangerously so, attendant to details but not petty.

I just found out that the grandmother of the kids just passed away. She had been ill for a long time, so I guess this is a release to her and her family. Yet to lose a parent is something I can't imagine, and losing a best friend was one of the more heart-wrenching experiences of my life.

Anyway, to my knowledge I never met the grandmother, yet I was touched by her. Her daughter, her grandkids, and the man she let her daughter marry are in my life. My prayers are with her and her legacy, the wonderful people who are the Hammers.

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