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Must use ubigraph

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I finally spent a few minutes playing with Ubigraph (defunct in 2022), a 3-d animating tool for generating nodes and edges graphs on the fly. The API is straightforward xmlrpc which Python handles very well. The result is nothing less than amazing.

Granted the documentation needs work. But even what exists lets you do a lot of really fun things. I look forward to finding ways to use this amazing tool. As I go forward it will be interesting to compare the very complete (some say cluttered) Graphviz feature list with that of Ubigraph.

Its all good though. This makes a great companion for Graphviz. Thats because Graphviz can generate things in many static image formats where as Ubigraph renders inside an OS window that I guess you can capture via Flash or Quicktime. So both have their place in my world.

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vak said on 2011-07-26

UbiGraph is just terrific, but seems to be totally inactive for some damn reason.

Any alternatives?

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