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Barack Obama versus John McCain

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Lets get down to it, a real comparison between Barack Obama and John McCain. A physical comparison!

Last election year (2004) I called the election by comparing Bush and Kerry, and Bush won out because he was an avid exerciser, lifting weights, running, and cycling. Both lost out to Putin, who because of his Judo and Sambo skills could kick both their butts, and so will remain in charge of Russia forever.

John McCain starts out strong. He served for over 20 years in the US Navy as a combat pilot, being wounded several times and surviving as a prisoner of war. He's got a temper that probably lets him clobber anyone in his path. Unfortunately for this candidate he's 72 years old and therein lies his weakness. So I'll give him the edge in combat experience and willingness to follow through on a proper beatdown, but take him to task on his ability to take punishment and last the distance.

Barack Obama has seen no violence outside that of being a politician from the Chicago area. He does seem fit and trim, and supposedly stays that way through a combination of diet and playing basketball. His lack of combat skills and experience hurt him. So I'll give him the physical edge especially with his youth, but take him to task for his ability to really hurt his opponent.

Again Vladimir Putin of Russia wins on his Judo and Sambo skills, and the plain fact that Vladimir is a cool name. Maybe he should get into American politics?

Hu Jintao of China? Well, he excelled in dancing during high school. He stays trim somehow, but its unclear what his methods might be. He is a completely unknown contender, but his slightly awkward posture suggests no relevant physical skills.

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