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Coming up on my week off!

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Training this week has been interesting. I know about 80% of the material

What sucks of course is a last minute work problem that is about 50-75% my own fault which might force me to work over this weekend.

Anyway, the fatigue issue is cured. More body minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium have been helping. So has this week where I've not been working out so much, about 25% of normal. My body feels rather recovered now.

I cook for a gathering tomorrow night at a friend's house. I'm thinking fried rice with grilled chinese sausage. We'll see.

Monday I lead my first bike ride! I'm going from my gym to the Smithsonian metro. Its going to be a small group, but future rides will be bigger since they'll be scheduled for the weekend.

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Unknown said on 2008-07-21

Hi Danny,

Have fun on your week off -

And a very "Happy 39th Birthday!"



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