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Moving major appliances

This was originally posted on blogger here.

On Sunday I did a ton of work around the house.

It started in the morning clearing brush in back of the house. My old clippers are pretty much done so I grabbed one of my kukris and went at it. As a combination hatchet/knife I have to say it worked smashingly well. The kid came out and asked why I wasn't using both at the same time. I laughed, said that only happened in the movies or on the mat, then taught him how to do what I was doing. He liked doing it, but didn't like the bugs. When I was 16 I was more used to bugs and stuff so it was pretty amusing.

Then came in the lifting. The kid was busy so this was all me. Besides moving stuff all around the basement, I took the old water heater out. Alas, not all the water would drain so it weighed about 150 pounds when I took it up the back stairs. That meant I had to dead lift all 150 pounds of it above my head, which tweaked my shoulder a bit.

The old dryer came next. I rolled it up the stairs.

I cleaned up stuff a bit and took a shower to get grunge off of me.

Then it was to the place where we were getting our new washer and dryer. That meant taking both pieces down two flights of stairs and lifting them up into a van. Fortunately I had the kid and this other guy to help there.

We got the pieces home and the kid helped me take the pieces off the van, through the backyard, and down the stairs. I'm proud to say even through that tight back stair nothing got scratched, and most of it was him doing the thinking.

I'm still much stronger than the kid, but if he sticks with this fitness thing we are on he should eclipse me within 6 months, if not sooner. He outweighs me by about 40 pounds and has youth to boot.

There was more labor too but that was the hard stuff worth writing about.

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