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362 days ago I was off to Italy

This was originally posted on blogger here.

The 2007 Plone Conference was set in Naples, Italy. I captured my adventures under the PloneConf2007 label on this blog. This year the conference is here in Washington, DC. Today, instead of waiting nervously to board a flight across the Atlantic, I'll be tooling around Arlington, Virginia. Much as I like our home, I have to admit a sense of disappointment.

There is something about visiting someplace new, seeing things you've never seen before, and taking your clothes out of suitcases and into hotel drawers that makes me happy. I know my local Plonistas put a lot of work into this effort, and yet my memories and heart remains in Italy.

I am excited about two more days of training under Joel Burton, three more days of Plone conference, and two days of Plone sprinting. Plus the odd bit of socializing mitigated by our own careful house budget.

I'll be taking pictures of Plone friends and some of the places I'll be in. That is if they let me take pictures inside the brobdingnagion Ronald Reagan building.

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