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My saturday class plans for 2009

This was originally posted on blogger here.

After running the same sort of Saturday class for several years I've decided to stir things up. Much as I like the current way of doing things, I have new goals in 2009 for myself and students. New planned schedule:

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Forms class (open to all students) This will be the practice of TKD forms and the individual elements which make up movements in the forms. So we'll go over not just the pattern of the form, but also practice proper stances, how to do the hand techniques correctly, as well as interpretation of what the movements of the forms mean.

10:45 AM to Noon Striking class (open to all students) This will be about heavy contact striking. The first fifteen minutes will be a warm-up led by a teen/adult black belt student for which forms class participants will be exempt. The majority of the class will involve work against heavy bags, kicking shields, and punching targets with footwork and general strength training mixed in.

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Jeffrey said on 2008-12-03

This sounds like a great class format. I love the ying/yang of very meditative-like forms work (precision, concentration, grace, beauty) with the raw power of a striking class. We can't wait!

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