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Starting a new Plone project in February

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I'm excited because I've yet to do a Plone 3 project from scratch. This is another internal NASA effort, one that Plone is literally designed to fit almost out of the box. We'll change the skin and add a few add on products.

Some of the specific things I want to explore are:

  • Using a simple architecture to represent data cleanly. All my previous Plone work has been with systems with very complex data architectures, so complex that I realize now that most of the special content types were not need.
  • AJAX via KSS to make things just more fun, and in a functional way.
  • Integrating a couple NASA internal products that I have written.
  • Plone 3 Style Portlets! I know they are hard to set up, but I really like their concept.
  • Having my co-worker Malik show us how good his design skills are.
  • A chance to create some custom forms using z3c.form. After playing with the hackish nature of zope.formlib (IMHO) and the clean implementation of the Django formlib, I want to be able to compare and contrast.

I will also be keeping my toes in NASA Science's major upcoming release (more details on that later) and our "top-secret" project (more to come). So next month promises to be even more crazy busy than this one.

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