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Tell me your Plone blogging tool preferences

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I have a new internal facing Plone project here at NASA. One of my requirements is to have a blog system. So this is your chance to suggest to me your favorite blogging tool. Want to see some requirements? Sure!

  • Must work in Plone 3.1.x+.

  • Groups will have blogs.

  • Users will be in possibly multiple groups.

  • Any user in a group can post a blog entry.

  • Output must be Section 508 compliant.

What do I want to see in a blogging tool as a developer?

  • Easy to implement.
  • Clean code base so it will be easy to migrate to future versions of Plone.

Update: Thanks to the comments, for now I am going with Scrawl. It meets my formal requirements handily, and also meets my personal preferences. If the scope of the blog grows I will explore other options.

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Jon Stahl said on 2009-02-02

Scrawl (we wrote it at ONE/Northwest) or QuillsEnabled. Basically you want something that uses existing content types, which is more future proof.

Scrawl is very minimalist, QuillsEnabled is a bit more feature-rich, but also a bit more "work-in-progress."

Unknown said on 2009-02-02

I agree with Jon's point of view. I also use Scrawl in my Plone site.

Unknown said on 2009-02-02

I'm a big fan of using the right tool for the right job. You can make Plone do blogging, but it pales to what other blog-focused systems like WordPress can do.

Consider wrapping WP and Plone behind Deliverance. That's what OpenPlans.org is.

ajung said on 2009-02-02

Using the standard NewsItem for my blog. Blog items get a special subject 'BlogItem'. A collection is used for aggregating and syndication...no further pain with your next Plone migration

pydanny said on 2009-02-03

@Jon Stahl, @shigeo, @limi, @Alex - I'm giving scrawl a test run now.

@ajung - I will try that as well.

@Jon Stahl, @duffyd - QuillsEnabled goes way beyond my list requirements. If I ever need its capabilities, I should be able to cook up a migration system.

@Gerry, @Alex - The idea of using deliverance to fetch the precise and exactly right tool is an interesting one. The extra complexity doesn't fit the budget/timeline I have for this project, but I'll keep it in mind for future efforts.

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