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Django Dash worst concept contest

This was originally posted on blogger here.

The very scary Tony Hauber mentioned Django Dash on twitter. I was doubting if I would try to do it, because coming up with original ideas is hard and my design skills suck.

Then, via twitter, the wonderful Barbara Shaurette suggested that a clever implementation of a stupid idea + bad design is the only way to go in such a contest. That made me laugh. Then she suggested a little side competition for 'worst concept'.

Oh yeah! The contest is so on!

After a bit of trash talking with each other, it was exposed that she thinks that by living around start-up central in San Francisco she has more stupid ideas to work with than me. I am certain, however, that being in the Washington, DC area, the hundreds of elected representatives and senators around gives me the advantage of more stupidity.

I'm going to be decisive and suggest some rules for our little side 'worst concept' contest:

  • Judging of the worst is by any third party we mutually agree on. I suggest a BDFL or framework tyrant, but will go with anyone you agree on.

  • An implementation must be attempted during Django Dash. You get bonus points for completion of the implementation.

  • The loser buys a drink for the winner at the next conference we both attend.

Barbara, are you okay with this side bet?

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