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NOVA-DUG April 29th summary

This was originally posted on blogger here.

For the second meeting there were four attendees besides myself. Again it rained, three people from last week were out of town, and my co-leader was at home tending to an injured spouse, so that knocked down our numbers. Yet I'm fine with that, as I realize it can take time for these groups to grow. Attendees (first name only for now - I will update if attendees contact me and request their names/jobs):

  • Andrew

  • Cory

  • Matt

  • Ross

  • Danny (me!)

We went over the reasons behind founding the group and had everyone meet each other. Then we discussed the DC Branch of the Euro DjangoCon Sprint. I've summarized it here at my DC branch of the Euro DjangoCon Sprint Presentation. One thing I tried to make clear about our upcoming local area sprint is that we want it to be very inclusive. If you go, we'll try to give you as much guidance as you need. :)

After that I presented my first draft of my testing in Django presentation. Yeah, I've gone a bit mad with Google Presentation recently. Some day I wouldn't mind making this into an actual conference presentation, but it needs more work and experience from yours truly. The guys asked some good questions, and made some excellent observations that will go into future changes of this effort.

Then we went over in detail various bits that individuals are working on. I think Cory might be a good resource for Django scaling issues, and is also into security. Matt is working on a custom CMS tool for his job that sounds pretty interesting. Ross is the guy behind DC Tech Events. I got asked questions about Pinax.

There was more. Lots more. I probably need to talk less and let things go of their own accord. :P

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Abe said on 2009-05-09

I'm an ex-Googler, and python/django advocate. Sign me up! How do I join NOVA DUG? -Abe

pydanny said on 2009-05-09

Abe, you can find the current NOVA-DUG location here: https://groups.google.com/group/NOVA-DUG

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