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My San Francisco Day Plans

This was originally posted on blogger here.

  1. Visit my friend Daryl Spitzer in Palo Alto for lunch at VMWare.
  2. Rent a bike at fisherman's wharf and go mountain biking on the trails of Angelo island in the bay.
  3. Rent a bike at fisherman's wharf and go road biking through the hills of the Marin Headlands.
  4. Spend some time at Fisherman's wharf since I'll be there for the bikes anyway.
  5. Go to the Exploratorium
  6. Go to the SFMOMA
  7. Rent a cheap hotel room somewhere and then wake up at dawn to watch the sun rise over Golden Gate or something.
  8. See Alcatraz.
  9. See giant trees in Muir Forest.

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TJ said on 2009-06-01

SFMOMA is great, Danny. Muir Woods is quite nice, too (not as nice as the big trees much further up the coast, but Muir Woods is far more convenient). I think Fisherman's Warf is kind of tourist-trappy, but I like your idea of the biking the Marin Headlands -- it is gorgeous over there. If you have loads of time, there is a cool lighthouse over there as well. Have fun!

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