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What I managed to get done in San Francisco

This was originally posted on blogger here.

  1. Visit my friend Daryl Spitzer in Palo Alto for lunch at VMWare.

Wednesday, June 3rd I ate dinner at Pluto's in Palo Alto with Daryl Spitzer and Zain Memon. It was good catching up!

  1. Rent a bike at fisherman's wharf and go mountain biking on the trails of Angel island in the bay.

Thursday, June 4th me and Zain cycled Perimeter Road on Angel Island on rented bikes (get the rentals on the island since they don't ask for a hefty down payment). The views were incredible.

  1. Rent a bike at fisherman's wharf and go road biking through the hills of the Marin Headlands.

Well, actually I did not do this, but instead on Tuesday, June 2nd I bike the Golden gate bridge, through Sausalito, up to Old Mill park, through Tiburon, and up into Belvedere (which has a monster hill that pushed me to my limits).

  1. Spend some time at Fisherman's wharf since I'll be there for the bikes anyway.

Best seafood place there by far is Nick's, a hole in the wall where the cook is on the sidewalk. Ignore the pricey tourist traps and go to Nick's!

  1. Go to the Exploratorium


  1. Go to the SFMOMA


  1. Rent a cheap hotel room somewhere and then wake up at dawn to watch the sun rise over Golden Gate or something.


  1. See Alcatraz.

Went with Barbara Shaurette on Sunday, June 7th. I was tired from walking around San Francisco for many awesome hours the day before, but it was worth it.

  1. See giant trees in Muir Forest.

Fail! But I did see some pretty decent sized trees in Old Mill Park.

Images can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pydanny/tags/sanfrancisco/

Lots more detail to come!

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