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Belt test update

This was originally posted on blogger here.

First off, I'm getting off being rather sick for nearly a week. My endurance is shot, I've lost some strength, and I didn't get the chance to fine tune some of the techniques. Unlike some places, our high level tests are grueling and hard. So I have serious concerns about testing at this time. Therefore, I reserve the right to not test, and will probably make the call Thursday night.

Second, the time for the start of the test (if I go forward with it) is 6pm. Again, seating is limited so either come a little early or bring your own chair. Senior citizens do get preference, but if there are a lot of senior citizens...

Time: 6:00 pm Location: 6408 Williamsburg, Blvd, Arlington, VA 22207 Phone: 703-536-9495

update: Oops, corrected title error from 'best' to 'belt'. Ha ha.

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