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Training Schedule

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My plans in January for getting ready were stymied a bit. Not that I haven't worked out, because I have. In fact, I am in phenomenal shape, even if at the moment I am fighting off the summer flu. So how are my goals coming along?

Drop some weight. Did not manage it. On the other hand, I look like I lost weight. What I did is put on muscle in my legs, core, and torso, and secondarily in my shoulders and arms.

Get faster. Much faster. I am faster now. When I get a few days off to recover I'm pretty snappy quick.

Increase endurance. The cycling, extra weights, and extra martial arts paid off. Especially the cycling. I can go a long, long time at full speed.

Improve technique. Most of my strikes and stances are pretty good. I wish my stances were better, but I'll never be happy there.

Make the test look easy. I've got the strength, speed, and endurance that I want. My technique is pretty crisp too.

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