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Have you signed up for the Django Master Class?

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Django chief maintainer Jacob Kaplan-Moss is teaching a master level Django class in the Washington, DC area (actually in Springfield, VA) this October 16th.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is one of the chief maintainers (BDFL) of the Django project. Besides being a technical guru and good teacher, Jacob is a great guy. Approachable, funny, and taught me about anchovies.

Django Master Class

Lets go over some of the hidden perks that the class description does not provide:

  • Even if you know Django already and have memorized the documentation you are sure to pick up some choice bits! BDFL FTW!

  • Ask questions at any time!

  • Provided 8 a.m. breakfast (so get there early!)

  • Provided Lunch

  • Dinner afterward with lots of fun local Django/Python people including Steve Holden

  • Accessible by metro, bus, and car

  • Lots of cheap hotels to stay at nearby so you get good sleep before and after class.

I'm signed up. Are you?

2 comments captured from original post on Blogger

pydanny said on 2009-10-08

Is there going to be video of this moderately priced class ($495)? I doubt it. In fact, I would be rather surprised.

Josh said on 2009-10-08

Well, now that I'm actually in the DC area, I would love to go. Problem is we're in the process of moving and we don't have the $$$ for me to enjoy such things right now. sigh

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