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November Django Lunch Meetup was fun!

This was originally posted on blogger here.

We had about 20 djangonauts show up at the PBS Crystal City building. The majority were from NASA SMD and PBS, but we also had people from the Washington Post and some other places. The conference room was just the right size to fit us, and the PBS facility looked great.

It was at the lunch that I announced that NOVA-Django is the new name for this group. NOVA-DUG just wasn't explicitly Django enough. Also, we switched from google groups to meetup.com. The reason is that google groups lacks an RSVP feature and secondarily because of the current status of spam on google groups.

For the first presentation, Chris Adams presented on the results of our NASA SMD CMS bake off. He went through the options he explored and some questions his research raised. He invited everyone to discuss his findings. Since CMS work is part and parcel of the modern web developer efforts, this talk was really appreciated.

Next I got Shawn Rider to present on the PBS Django app called activity stream. It was an impromptu talk but he gave it quite well. He did hit a snag with his demo, but that is what you get when the lunch organizer springs this on you at the last minute.

Our next luncheon will happen most likely the first monday of December. I need to work out with Shawn Rider when then will be. Until then, we'll have an evening meetup around Ballston, which will hopefully be arranged shortly.

One more thing, for our next luncheon meeting we'll also be incorporating an optional fee to go with your RSVP. That way we can arrange for food and drinks.

28 more posts to go!

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