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Pycon 2010 report I

This was originally posted on blogger here.

[Pycon](https://us.pycon.org/) was an incredible learning experience and networking opportunity. I met many good friends again and made just as many new ones. In addition, this was the first time I presented and did so on [Pinax](https://pinaxproject.com/) two times. Furthermore, in the name of diversity, this instance of Pycon saw the premiere of the [Financial Assistance Grant for Women](https://us.pycon.org/2010/registration/financial-aid/). We also had a dedicated talk on [Diversity as a Dependency](https://us.pycon.org/2010/conference/schedule/event/77/). The benefit this focus on diversity was that...
Diversity Rocks
Did I learn a lot at pycon? Heck yeah. Networking was life changing. And unlike previous conferences, I'm in a position to take advantages of opportunities offered. The next few weeks and months will see a lot of changes and challenges for me.
Note: I've got to keep some things under wraps for now so I'm going to have to aggressively moderate comments. Feel free to comment, just don't take comment rejections personally.

Note II: For reference, this post is mostly about Audrey Roy and some about the job offering I got at PyCon 2010.

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Unknown said on 2010-02-24


eleddy said on 2010-02-24

awesome to finally meetup. lets get going on codename "zopango" proj in the next couple of months. woop de woop!

Doug Napoleone said on 2010-02-24

For those wondering about the odd comment filtering, it really is not a big issue. I understand and respect it (I would do the same). But it is one of those things where the filter makes things sound nefarious or something, when it's really not.

pydanny said on 2010-02-24


My filtering is always nefarious!

kcunning said on 2010-02-25

Moderate me, will you? I'll show you moderate!

But it was awesome :) I need to get my blog up so I can write my own report!

Michael said on 2010-02-26

Go Danny!

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