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Moving away from DC

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Way back in 1969, when I was about a year and a half old, my family moved to Laurel, Maryland, which is about 20 miles north of Washington, DC. Since then, I've lived in central Maryland, Washington, and Northern Virginia. I enjoyed my friends and family, and the things that I've done.

Yet I always wanted to see the rest of our world, try new things, explore new horizons. Breathe different air, if you will. My ideal existence would be to live in a lot of different places, living six months for a time in place to place so I can get a good experience of the planet.
Not long ago conditions came together that made it feasible for me to do all this. My house is sold, my son is 18, I don't currently own any furniture, and I have a job that allows/encourages for telecommuting (and that is because of [Python](https://python.org) and [Django](https://djangoproject.com)).
So on May 5th I'm moving to [Los Angeles, California](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_metropolitan_area) for a short term stay. I'm there to hang out with a certain artist/developer and to go on a vacation that I've wanted to do for many months. More details on this move in another post.
In early June I'm moving again to [Lawrence, Kansas](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence,_Kansas). I've got a number of friends there, but much more important are the professional reasons. The entrepreneur for my start-up will be living not far from there, [Revolution Systems](https://www.revsys.com/) offered me office space, and the cost of living is amazingly low. Another nice feature is that its in the central point of the USA, so flying anywhere on the continent doesn't take that long.
I'm very excited, but I'm also sad to go. I'll miss being near my son, my parents and siblings. I'll miss all my DC area friends, who are way too numerous to list. I will certainly miss all my students, young and old, not to mention the other teachers at OMAA.
I will be coming back in late June, and then perhaps in either late July or August. And who knows, maybe someday my travels will bring me back to the Washington, DC area for an extended stay?

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Tom said on 2010-04-23

A D.C. tune for your, courtesy of Magnetic Fields:


Eddie Welker said on 2010-04-23

Enjoy your trips... nothing I know that's more exciting than moving around from place to place. Gotta love that tingly "new place" feeling.

In the meantime, I'll sit here hoping to follow in your footsteps... yelling "Woo Laurel!" where I've been in or around since I was born.

[If you come back, come for the Main Street Festival! :)]

Carl Trachte said on 2010-04-23

I'm really happy for you, and immensely envious.

As cosmopolitan as DC is, getting to see the world is something else. There's such a small window for it depending on health, family commitments, finances, etc.

Blog, please - you are my last chance to live out this fantasy, if only vicariously.

Carl T.

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