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Apologies to the Python community

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Apparently planet python is pulling all content off this blog to its RSS feed. Which meant a rant I wrote this morning that was completely off topic went to the entire Python community. I'm contacting the staff behind planet.python.org and asking that they point at the correct feed so this doesn't happen again.

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Doug Napoleone said on 2010-06-29

Great, now I need to add your RSS feed to my reader directly ;-)

The bun on buzz was more than worth it ;-)

Pixy Misa said on 2010-06-29

I thought of it as an allegory. Not sure what it was an allegory of.

Dougal said on 2010-06-30

Yup now I'll have to subscribe directly too and when you do post about Python I'll get them in google reader now twice since its not clever enough to realise that yet. sigh

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