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Getting excited about DjangoCon US!

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Djangocon starts in just a month. I'm looking forward to this event because of so many reasons. Lets go over some of them!

Friends - I'll get to meet with old friends and make new ones. Rather than list names I'm going to mark a sheet of paper with the alphabet and check off letters as I meet/make a friend with the first name that matches an unmarked letter. Which makes me wonder if their is a Django app for that in the making...

Portland - Great food and awesome beer at cheap prices. The wonderful thing about Portland is that the base ingredients are really good. I found I liked the simpler/cheaper things there more than fancy foods. The food carts alone are worth visiting the city.

Oregon State - It is a beautiful state and since words can't do justice here is an image:

Me at Mutnomah falls!
 The conference schedule rocks! - The talks they lined up all look really good. They range from the basics to the advanced, and include things that go beyond the technical. Some of my favorite picks from just the first day:
Thats just four great talks described. And its just the tip of the iceberg! This is going to be great!

Edit: Fixed a geography mistake. I am so embarrassed.

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jcburns said on 2010-08-06

Glad you're excited about Portland and environs. However, Multnomah Falls (and Portland, for that matter), are of course in Oregon, not Washington State, so you might want to confine your excitement to south of that part of the Columbia River...

Dimitri Gnidash said on 2010-08-09

As awesome as Portland is, I think having the conference in other cities would be beneficial for the attendance.

How about we pick Austin, Seattle, San Fran or Chicago for the next one?

Portland was cool for one week, but I prefer variety and that's part of the reason I am going to Pycon instead of DjangoCon.


pydanny said on 2010-08-09

@Dimitiri - DjangoCon is planned to be like Pycon, it stays two years in the same place. So next year they'll probably move it somewhere new. Just like Pycon which is going to be in Atlanta in 2011 and Washington, DC in 2012.

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