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Pinax Tutorial at Pycon 2011

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Tutorial Name: Pinax Solutions at Pycon 2011 (March 9th)

This year I am yet again part of a two man team providing instruction on Pinax at Pycon. Last year's Long Pinax Tutorial went well, with myself and James Tauber receiving a lot of positive feedback plus some really good constructive criticism.

Based off that criticism and our own experiences since last year's tutorial we decided to make some changes, specifically we wanted our class to be very solutions focused. Think of it as an organized brain dump of how best to start a project, leverage in the Pinax framework plus the rest of the Django ecosphere to do all that tedious make work we so dislike. Using these tools will let you focus on your project's unique attributes, meaning you get to focus on all the fun stuff!

Another big change to the class is that Brian Rosner will be taking over in James' place as co-presenter (last year he was instrumental in reviewing the content of the class). Brian is a Django core committer, a Pinax core developer, the tech lead of Eldarion, and the steward of Gondor. If you like how the current Django admin works, you can thank him for his hard work. Even if he didn't have those credentials, Brian is a great speaker and really patient with questions. He started me on git back back at Pycon 2009 and has been kind to me the times I've screwed things up in git ever since.

The course itself will go over the 0.9 series of Pinax. You'll need a laptop with Python 2.6+ installed (Python 3.x won't work in Django). You should be familiar with Django and Python.

See you there!

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