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The Great PyCon Ribbon Game!

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Here is my challenge for attendees of PyCon 2011 - try to win as many volunteer badge ribbons as possible. Whoever gets the most ribbons at PyCon 2011 can claim the title "King of PyCon Badge Ribbons" and I'll write a special blog post for you, your employer/company, and your favorite non-obscene thing.


  • You have to earn the badge ribbons. You have to give tutorials, make presentations, volunteer left and right, and be a great sport. Stealing ribbons is out. So is trading for them.
  • Only real badge ribbons are valid. You can't write your own and tape them onto your badge.
  • You must proudly affix the ribbons to your badge.
  • Cheaters will be lambasted verbally. You deserve what you get.

In 2010 I managed to earn five (5) PyCon ribbons and only Wesley Chun beat me. Think you can beat our scores from last year? Think you can beat me this year?

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