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I'm going to Pycon Australia!

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I'm flying across the pacific! To a new continent!! To Sydney, Australia!!!

Okay, take a deep breath...

My girlfriend, Audrey Roy, is going to be giving a keynote speech at Pycon Australia. I'm going with her because, well, we travel everywhere together. To make the trip even more awesome, there was some last minute room in the schedule and the organizers of the conference offered me a speaking slot.

When and where will we be?

Pycon Australia will be from August 20th and 21st, with sprints the 22nd and 23rd, all at the Sydney Masonic Center at 66 Goulburn Street. Register and hang out with us!

What will we be presenting on?

Audrey's keynote is still in the works.

As for me, I'll be giving the new and improved version of my (in)famous Confessions of Joe Developer talk, of which the 'old slides' are here. You'll get to hear me confess about my shortcomings in public and in return I'll pass on tricks I've learned to convince people to believe that I know what I'm doing.

What will we be sprinting on?

I'll be leading the sprint on Packaginator, the framework behind Django Packages. The goal will be to finally launch Python Packages. Python Packages won't replace PyPI, it will simply provide a new window into what our wonderful Python community has produced. And I'm excited to work have our wonderful host, Richard Jones, as a resource for questions about PyPI API questions and systems sure to arise.

Audrey has told me she may assume her role as co-lead of Packaginator or work on another one of her great ideas (she created the idea for Django Packages - I just tagged along).

Will Pyladies host a workshop or hackathon in Sydney?

Audrey tells me there has been some interest from the Australian Python community in running a Pyladies event around Pycon Australia. She's put out a call-to-action and wants to do something the day before or the day after Pycon Australia. Please contact Audrey at audreyr@pyladies.com if you want to know more or volunteer.

Please come and say hi!

There will be lots of people there, and I'm asking everyone in greater Australia and nearby nations and planets interested in Python to register and meet us!

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