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Looking to move off blogger again

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Every once in a while I think about moving off of blogger. My favorite part about it has been the reliability of hosting from a large provider like Google. However, I'm not a fan of the changes that have been occurring in terms of UI and delivery. While I don't have to use those changes now, I worry about being forced to accomodate them in the future.

Audrey launched her new site using Jekyll on Github and has been mostly happy. I've been trying out Jekyll, as I like the idea of blogging in a markup format rather than write the HTML I do here (RST-to-HTML-to-blogger is not a fun process).

I may go for Hyde instead, because it's a Python based solution and I can get finicky that way. On the other hand, Jekyll, at least in terms of documentation, is much more polished at this time. This may sound childish, but figuring out the kinks is not something I want to do with a blog - I just want to write and be sure my site doesn't go down.

All I know is that after doing so much note taking with restructured text, git, and Read the Docs, doing it in almost bare HTML in Blogger is really, really tiresome. It's time for a change!

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Unknown said on 2012-02-10

Amen to that! I've been thinking the same thing for ages (hence my technical notes up on RTFD), so I'll be very interested in what you come up with.

It's becoming a lot more of an issue now, because I want to blog about things I'm tinkering with in walkdir and upcoming 3.3 stuff, but it's too painful in Blogger and too ephemeral to be suitable for RTFD.

Richard Jones said on 2012-02-10

Haven't looked into it but https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Tinkerer just popped up on the Cheese Shop...

Noufal said on 2012-02-10

I maintain nibrahim.net.in and emacsmovies.org using Jekyll along with a custom Emacs mode I wrote to maintain them. Good stuff. Much better than Wordpress and Blogger.

Cliff Dyer said on 2012-02-10

I've been using pelican over at https://harkablog.com/ and https://oakwoodcommunity.org/. It's fairly lightweight, and builds its site on jinja2 templates with reST content dropped into it. The default style is pretty nice, and easy enough to override. It's also pretty easy to add reST directives once you get the hang of it though. I wrote a simple one for embedding youtube videos

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