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Silicon Beach Hackercast

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Near the end of January of 2012 I was at the 10th Southern California Linux Exposition (SCALE 10X). I gave an Intro to Python talk, helped man the awesome Python booth, and hung out with a lot of awesome people. One of those awesome people I got to spend time with was Andrew Cholakian, a Ruby and Clojure developer, and the organizer of LA Hacker News. We've been meaning to do something together, and at the conference we decided to do a broadcast together.

Jump forward a few weeks and Andrew came over to our place in the San Fernando Valley for a day of brainstorming, web site building, and broadcasting. We outlined a show and started to record.

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Topics of Discussion

  • Python at Scale 10X
  • New clients asking you to complete the ‘last 10%’
  • A rant about job titles
  • Why is clojure blowing up?



[Audrey](https://audreymroy.com) was kind enough to illustrate the event for posterity:

The Future

The show was a lot of fun to do. We plan to do more of them, perhaps every few weeks. A better microphone is definitely in the works.

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