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Going off the grid

I spend a lot of time online. My professional career as a software engineer demands it. Like everyone else, it’s how I stay in contact with friends and family. I also use it for recreation, watching movies and reading articles and books via the internet. Finally, most of my writing hobby involves the use of tools that connect to the cloud.

This internet is wonderful, but I want to give it a break. I need to recharge. I want to step away from the connected universe and enjoy planet Earth for a while. Maybe I’ll check my personal email once or twice, or post snippets of writing here on my author blog, but that’s it. I want the chance to kickback, unwind, and write my fiction unhindered by the temptation to know what’s going on in the world.

Yes, in the old days they called this a vacation.

Where am I going off the grid? I’m off to the Philippines with my wife Audrey from December 21st to January 2nd. I can’t wait for the wonderful, hot weather, a welcome break from Southern California’s chilly winter weather. Some might say that where I live doesn’t get cold, but I’m the kind of person who can go for most of a hot summer without air conditioning. Dropping below 70°F is too cold for my blood. When I come back, I’ll be recharged and ready to dive back into things. I’m so excited about releasing my first fiction book, “Into the Brambles.”

Until next year, Daniel Roy Greenfeld

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