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How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle Device

Like any author, as soon as I released my first fiction book on Amazon through Kindle Select, I excitedly informed everyone I knew.

Unfortunately, many friends and family informed me that they didn't have Kindles. They asked if there was any way they could read it without a Kindle.

Here's the deal. You don't need a Kindle to read it. All you need is the Kindle app for your smartphone or tablet, or Kindle software for your computer.

Just click on the link below for your particular device to download the appropriate free Kindle app:

Or, if you have Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed, use Kindle Cloud Reader to read Kindle books without having to install any new software.

Once you have a Kindle app installed, you get access to the Kindle store. Then just search for my name, and the book will come up.


In the future I hope to release it on other platforms besides Kindle, but for now I'm locked in due to the terms of the Kindle Select Program.

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