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Announcing PyCon Philippines!

PyCon Philippines 2012, set to occur on June 30 and July 1, is the first Python programming conference held in the Philippines. PyCon is a volunteer run effort that brings together Python developers from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels into a friendly, cooperative environment in order to educate, inspire, and work together - building relationships that transcend the event and can turn into lifelong friendships or even very impressive business alliances.

This event is possible due to the hard work and contributions of members of the Manila Python users group, the support of the Python Software Foundation, various members of the Python community, our gracious sponsors, and many others.

I'll be there, along with Audrey Roy and Django core developer Malcolm Tredinnick. Hope to see you there!

What is Python?

Python is an open source programming language used for science, engineering, robotics, entertainment, web development, and more. It is used by organizations such as Google, NASA, Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla, Walt Disney Animation Studios, WETA Digital, and many more.

Interested in attending?

Then head to the registration page. The early bird discount ends on June 15th, so buy your tickets now!

Interested in sponsoring?

Please go to the sponsorship page.

Your sponsorship would go a long way towards making PyCon Philippines 2012 a memorable event. As this is an entirely volunteer-run event, 100% of funds go toward actual event costs: food, drinks, chairs, tables, signage, nametags, flyers, advertising, etc. Per custom with PyCons around the world, the organizers receive no payment for their efforts, and any funds left over will be either placed in a Philippine based non-profit corporation or donated back to the Python Software Foundation.

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