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Our New Django Book Has Launched!

Audrey and I wrote a new book titled Django Crash Course. You can get it right now on our website. Right now it's in alpha, which means only the e-book is available. Later we'll produce it in print formats (perfect bound, spiral, and hardcover).

As the book is in alpha, you're encouraged to submit bug reports to us for errors that you find. In turn we will give you credit for your contributions in not just the e-book, but also in the print paperback and online publicly on the web. This is your opportunity to have your name in one of our books as a contributor, which you are then welcome to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile. We followed the same pattern with our Two Scoops of Django books.

Check it out!

Cover for Django Crash Course

Django Crash Course is designed to build solid foundations for any developer looking to get quickly and solidly proficient with Django 3. Once you've finished the book, you'll be able to purchase Django Crash Course extensions on topics such as deployment on various platforms, Django REST Framework (DRF), Javascript frameworks like VueJS and/or React, third-party packages, and more.

Some of My Favorite Features

Friendly to Data Scientists

We chose Conda as our Python environment and pip for dependency management. This makes getting everything right across different operating systems for students very straightforward. These tools also empower us to create data-focused extensions to the core book.

Class-Based Views

Our opinion is that beginners should be taught Class-Based Views (CBVs) from the start. Knowing CBVs from the start makes understanding critical CBV-based packages like Django REST Framework much easier. We also believe that the explicit nature of the GET, POST, and other HTTP methods is easier for beginners to grasp. Years of success at levelling up people with Django supports our opinion.


Tutorial themes are cheesy. That's why we use cheese as the theme for the main project in the book!

We also want to be the most successful dairy-themed tech book authors in the universe.


If you'd like to buy the book (or learn more about it), do so on the The Django Crash Course page on feldroy.com.

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