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EuroPython Intro to Django Workshop


We (myself and Audrey Roy) have been asked to fill in a tutorial session at EuroPython 2013 on the afternoon July 3rd! Therefore, it is my honor to announce our EuroPython Intro to Django Workshop! (see the bottom of this article for registration instructions)

Workshop Description

Bring your laptops and join the authors of Two Scoops of Django for a hands-on Django workshop. We'll build a real, working site from the ground up, using the upcoming Django 1.6 and covering Python 2.7/3.3. We'll cover as much as we can get through, including but not limited to:

  • Python and Django setup
  • Project creation
  • App creation
  • models
  • The Django admin UI
  • Views
  • Migrations with South
  • User image uploads
  • New user registration
  • Basic forms
  • Basic internationalization


Attendees will need their own laptops. We'll cover installation, but if you can come with the following already installed you'll enjoy workshop more:

  • Really encouraged: Python 3.3 or Python 2.7
  • Really encouraged: virtualenv
  • Really encouraged: pip

If you are familiar with virtualenv, please have an instance created with the following already installed:


Registration Details

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