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I did an Au Batido in 2014, now what?

This is my summary of my resolutions for 2014 and an early pass at my resolutions for 2015. I'm doing this right now instead of at the end of the year because as of the afternoon of December 21, I'm going off the grid.

Resolutions Accomplished in 2014

  • Release the second edition of Two Scoops of Django.
  • Visited South America.
  • Visited two new nations, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Went back to the East Coast to visit Philadelphia and places in New Jersey.
  • Went back to the Philippines.
  • Took some awesome road trips around the USA. My favorite was driving up the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Took a fun class with Audrey. We did woodshop!
  • Learned how to do Aú Batido!


General Accomplishments

  • Published Two Scoops of Django 1.6 with my awesome wife, Audrey Roy Greenfeld.
  • Experienced my first major surgery.
  • Started working at Eventbrite.
  • Found a Inland Empire Capoeira group but still remained friends with Capoeira Batuque.
  • Gave talks at:
    • Wharton School of Business Web Conference
    • PyDay Mendoza
    • Python Brazil
    • PyCon Argentina
  • Experienced the unbelievably tasty asado (steak) of Argentina.
  • Participated in organizing the first Django Bar Camp.
  • Played in 2 Capoeira Rodas in Brazil.
  • Participated in the successful effort to reboot LA Django.
  • Ate dinner below the waterline inside fake island in the San Francisco Bay.

Resolutions for 2015

  • Bring a new child into the world.
  • Write and publish at least 1 fiction book. This is a childhood dream that I would like to make reality.
  • Learn Swift or some other interesting programming language.
  • Find sponsors for my open source projects.
  • Visit the two continents I've yet to see. That means Africa and Antarctica.
  • See the Grand Canyon.
  • Visit more family.
  • Do 1000 push-ups or similar exercises in a single day.
  • Pull off an Aú sem Mão (no-handed cartwheel).
  • Take another fun class with Audrey.
  • Learn how to surf or snowboard.
  • See all my friends. All of them.
  • Enjoy life with Audrey more.

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