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Off to Europe!


I feel like I'm dreaming, but we're on our way to Europe!

A few weeks ago Audrey and I decided to move. While looking at possible rentals or even mortgages, we were idly (dreaming really... still paying off debts incurred from last year) looking at how much a room/apartment would cost to rent in Europe. To our surprise, we found a lot of good options that cost less then it would to pay monthly rent/mortgage in Los Angeles.


Then, we discovered an amazing travel deal. It combined a very cheap red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, and a slow trans-atlantic ship from Port Miami to Barcelona, about as much as a cheap hotel but with free food! If we avoid alcohol and any extra fees, it's actually extremely inexpensive. Being mostly disconnected from the internet would mean we could really focus on a couple of critical projects. If only we had a business justification for going to Europe...

It just so happens that we have business in Europe.

Our plan is to spend a few months in Europe before returning back to the USA. We'll work hard on the ship, work hard when we arrive, and just get stuff done. It's not a vacation, but it is Europe, and there is such a thing as weekends.

We'll be spending a few days in early May in Barcelona, then making our way to Poland for several weeks. Yes, we're attending Django Circus, plus I want to investigate some family roots. After Poland, we're thinking either France, Italy, Hungary, England, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, and other options. We'll see where the winds and affordable AirBNB places take us.

When do we go back? Well, we plan to stay for at least two months. Even if we go back to the USA, we would have at least been in Europe for May and June. How cool is that?

We could have talked ourselves out of going. We nearly did. However, even with our workload this is the chance of a lifetime.

Finally, for the next two weeks I'll only be able to access the internet for a few minutes per day. Please expect my responses to emails and tweets to be slower than normal.

Update: In the middle of all of this, I was invited to keynote Django Circus: https://blog.djangocircus.com/post/48439600279/meet-daniel-greenfeld

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