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Selected for PyCon StartUp Row

Me and Audrey have been working hard on Consumer Notebook, a Python/Django based project. We submitted it to PyCon StartUp row and found out this morning we've been accepted. Hooray!

From the PyCon StartUp Row winner's post, here is a little bit of what we're about:

Have you tried researching products online recently? Search engines are gamed by scammy marketers. Product review sites overwhelm you with ads, have unreliable reviews, or dryly compare raw product specs. Consumer Notebook is working to solve this problem. It is like Yelp for products, with product comparison grids inspired by the founders' open-source work on Django Packages and Open Comparison.

Just so you know, PyCon in North America is the biggest gathering for the international Python community. The conference this year is in Santa Clara, California, and is sold-out at 1500+ attendees, but could have easily sold out several times that number. The talks, tutorials, and events are going to be incredible, and I'm delighted to be part of the PyCon experience!

We look forward to sharing the StartUp Row with friends like Transifex, Python Packages, and Wedding Lovely.

Please check out Consumer Notebook right now and also visit our PyCon booth on Saturday, March 10th and we'll show you what we're doing.

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