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Thoughts on ranting

I'll admit it, I love a good rant. I respect those who can give rants well. I would list the ones I really like, but I'm not sure I want to deal with the arguments that would follow. ;-)

Of course, as much as I like to read or listen to them, I also like to give them. As of 11/26/2012 there are 2 on this blog and 26 on my old blog.

Unfortunately, I have a problem in giving rants. It ties with this unfortunate trait I possess where if I let myself get angry I say things that destroy relationships. No, I'm not giving examples, but there you are.

So when I do rant, I try to never do so in anger. Especially when it's the written word. Instead, I try to do so under one of the following conditions:

  • I need to be a whimsical mood.
  • OR I need to be willing to submit a solution.
  • OR I need to be willing to accept a solution, even if it means work.
  • OR I need to be willing to create a solution.
  • OR the object of the rant must be an easy target to flame.

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