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What's the Ultimate Reason for Working at Octopus Energy?

On November 16, 2020, I started my first day of employment at Octopus Energy. A few days ago I discussed reasons why I enjoy my work and colleagues. In this article, I explain the ultimate reason I work for Octopus Energy.

A Realization

One day in autumn of 2020, while considering new employment, I was talking to many potential employers. Several organizations stood out above all others.

They stood out because they both had a mission to address global climate change.

I realized I could use all my talents and skills to make the planet a better place.

Concerns About Climate Change

For years I've been concerned about the changing climate. I had been reducing my carbon footprint for years, composting, reducing unnecessary travel, and more. I preferred to vote for eco-friendly political candidates. In many other ways, I did what I could, yet always I wanted to do more.

The Ultimate Reason I Work for Octopus

It's all about this little girl.

Uma and me playing in the spring sunshine

I want to give my daughter a better planet. She and her generation deserve to live in the same kind of world I had growing up.

Enter Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is giving me the chance to use everything I've learned in my 24+ years of professional software development to build out Kraken, our customer-focused retail energy platform. They have allowed me to help save the planet for my daughter and all the other kids.

Octopus Energy Empowers Me to Make a Difference

By selling huge volumes of renewable electricity, providing services that encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and general energy usage, Octopus is making a direct impact on the issue of climate change. Furthermore, the size and income of the company mean it can have a similar outsized impact on politics as do the armies of lobbyists acting on behalf of the fossil fuels industry.

To put it as simply as possible, Octopus Energy has turned me into a superhero. How awesome is that?



To learn more about what Octopus is doing to save the world, check out Octopus Energy Group.

Want to join me at Octopus and use your skills and talents to help save the world? Then please visit our careers list.

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